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Edlingtons manufacture cambridge rolls (rollers). We're a long established family firm, our company was founded in 1865 and we have been manufacturing rolls since 1979. These include cambridge hydraulic folding rolls, press rolls, fold-back rolls and vari-roll.

And if weeds are a problem on your land, we have WeedSwiper, a non-drip intelligent chemical weed wiper designed to help solve your tall weed problems.

Our machines are built to last and manufactured in the UK.

Edlington 16.3m roll working view1

Photo by kind permission of Chris Eglington

      Our Machinery range - please click on the photos to find out more

Edlington 6.5m Roll Tab

The Edlington Roll range includes Cambridge HFR and Cambridge     Vari-Roll.

Edlington Double Press

Edlington Double Press range

Special offers on Edlington Cambridge Rolls. All rolls are new unless otherwise stated.

6.5m AW 22 inch rings, 6,000 - special offer price until 19th December 2014

6.5m AW 24 inch and breaker rings, 7,597


8.3m HFRAW roll 22 inch and breaker rings, 8,489

8.3m HFRHD roll 24 inch rings, 9,795

Edlington 6.5m Roll Tab1
Edlington 8.3m roll web site

New in our Cambridge Rolls Section:

6.5m HD roll, photographed in New Zealand behind a Salford cultivator.

Edlington FB Roll

Edlington FB or Fold Back Roll Range.

Edlington 6m Tractor Mounted WeedSwiper

The Edlington range of WeedSwipers. You can try before you buy with our WeedSwiper Hire

WeedSwiper (non-drip weed wiper) All WeedSwipers are new unless otherwise stated.

6m Tractor Mounted WeedSwiper 3,495

6m Trailed WeedSwiper 4,095

Edlington 6m Tractor Mounted WeedSwiper web3
Edlington Trailed WeedSwiper web2

Ex-hire 6m Tractor Mounted WeedSwiper 3,050

Vegetable Weedswiper, 6,995

Contact: paul@edlington.com

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