J B Edlington

We’re a 156-year-old family owned agricultural engineering company.

We manufacture WeedSwiper, a non-drip chemical weed wiper.

Clearance Sale – Double Press rings, ‘J’ Tines, Top Tilth Points, and Free Flow Points.

Second-hand parts sale including Bearings, Vaderstad Levelling Boards, Paddles, Clamps, and Super Single Wheels.

Unusual items sale – stacker truck, and mobile extractor unit.


We’re open for sales and spares that can be sent by courier or transport.

Please call before visiting our office and factory.

Please follow our covid-19 procedures below.

Covid-19 guidelines

Please wait outside the main office door for someone to let you in. If no-one is in the office, please use the doorbell near the small blue door.

Our door handles and doorbell are regularly sanitised.

Please wear a mask before entering our offices. We have masks available if you need one.

Hand sanitiser is available in our office.

Please follow our covid-19 guidelines that are on the outside of the main office door.




Specialist WeedSwipers

We have specialist WeedSwipers for:

▪️ Vegetable crops

▪️Front mount for tractors

▪️WeedSwiper kit for sprayers