J B Edlington

We’re a 156-year-old family owned agricultural engineering company.

We manufacture WeedSwiper, a non-drip chemical weed wiper.


We’re open for sales and spares that can be sent by courier or transport.

Please call before visiting our office and factory.

Please follow our covid-19 procedures below.


Clearance Sale – Double Press rings, ‘J’ Tines, Top Tilth Points, and Free Flow Points.

Second-hand parts sale including Breaker Rings, Bearings, Vaderstad Levelling Boards, Paddles, Clamps, and Super Single Wheels.

Unusual items sale including a large safe, stacker truck, and mobile extractor unit.


Covid-19 guidelines

Please wait outside the main office door for someone to let you in. If no-one is in the office, please use the doorbell near the small blue door.

Our door handles and doorbell are regularly sanitised.

Please wear a mask before entering our offices. We have masks available if you need one.

Hand sanitiser is available in our office.

Please follow our covid-19 guidelines that are on the outside of the main office door.




Specialist WeedSwipers

We have specialist WeedSwipers for:

▪️ Vegetable crops

▪️Front mount for tractors

▪️WeedSwiper kit for sprayers


Cambridge Rollers

The Edlington Cambridge Roll range includes hydraulic folding, fold-back, and Vari-Roll.

Our hydraulic folding rolls come in widths from 6.5m to 16.3m and with 22-inch or 24-inch rings.

Our fold-back rolls come in two versions and widths from 4.5m to 9.2m

Vari-roll can adjust its width according to your tramlines – 12m, 18, or 24m.